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m2 is an agency think tank for design and strategic marketing. We are a team of international experts - consulting, inventing and creating for since 1993.

Think tank:
m2 experts and associates work together in cooperation with international professionals.

m2 think tank partners include experts in advertising and marketing, digital media, film, music composition, design, illustration, photography, copy writing, journalism, pr, events, market research, future and trends research and forecasting, behavioral economics, psychometrics, psychological targeting, universities, institutions and labs for research and education.

Hello, welcome to m2. We are specialized in communicating you, your message and your services. We invite you to use our work and services. To even enhance your market reach one step ahead of your competitors and serve your efficiency and mission.
We are experienced in communications and trends - starting with psychological and subconscious moods and needs of people and leading to effective marketing and communications. And we know how to implement practical strategies into services for industries and organizations or into design and innovation.

Our goal is your well being - today and in future times.
For you to be loved by your customers.

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